Monday, September 12, 2011

Temple Football: Temple 74, Alex 26

Class "C" Temple played class "B" Alex at Alex Sept 2, 2011. End of 1st quarter Temple 30 - Alex 20.
End of 2nd quarter Temple 62 - Alex 26.
Game was over with 4:11 left in 3rd quarter by mercy rule. Temple 74 - Alex 26.

Temple scored on their 1st play with Aaron Holden 60 yd TD run. 
Temple scored on their 2nd play with Nic Brown 85 yd TD run.
Other scores; 28 yd TD run, 65 yd TD run,13 yd TD pass, 53 yd TD pass 1 yd TD run,
2 yd TD run, 10 yd TD run and 59 yd TD run.


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